Golden Keywords

Golden Keywords You Need To Know 2021

6 Types Of Golden Keywords You Need To Know. Good Keywords are the first step to a successful SEO.

benefits of good keyword research.

  • More visibility of your blog posts in search
  • More traffic on your blog
  • More business opportunities.
  • More paid post opportunities because of visibility.
  • More income from your blog.
  • More authority in your industry.
  • More confidence to write next blog posts on your
  • Understanding of market while doing keyword
  • More steady growth of your blog.

01. Seasonal Keyword

The search volume of these keywords in specific sessions only.

Some examples-

  • Diwali 2020 Photos
  • New Year Wishes
  • Republic Day Quotes
  • Holi Wishes
  • 15th August Wishes
  • Christmas Wishes
Golden Keywords

Whole Year People don’t search these keywords, but when the session comes peoples start searching these keywords. You Also Search these sessional keywords when any session comes like Holi, Diwali, Christmas, New year comes.

The main problem is that those people work on seasonal keywords they make lots of money in a short time, but they are seasonal keywords-only after goes to seasonal peoples not search those keywords. Event blogging and seasonal keywords are both the same people’s search when the season comes.

02. Evergreen keywords

The search volume of these keywords is equal at all times, because peoples search these keywords at all times, no specific season for those keywords.

Some examples-

  • Best Mobile Under 10k
  • Best Laptops Under 30k
  • How to create a google account
  • How to create apple id
  • How to install window
  • How to create a blog on WordPress
  • How to make money online
Golden Keywords
Golden Keywords You Need To Know 2021 1

These are keywords which peoples search always. Doesn’t matter if it Holi, Diwali, Winter, Summers, Spring, day-night. people will always search these keywords ever so they are evergreen keywords. You can also start a website on evergreens keywords, because people search always not matter today Diwali, Holi, New Year, Day-night.

03. Geo-Target keywords

These keywords are searched in a specific area only.

Some examples-

  • Best Coaching Institute of Delhi
  • Best College For B.Tech in Gurgaon
  • Best restaurant in Delhi
  • Best digital marketing institute in Lucknow
  • Best Shopping malls in Delhi
Golden Keywords
Golden Keywords You Need To Know 2021 2

These keywords are searched in the specific geo only. You also searched such keywords in your own area. These keywords target a specific area. it`s the best option for starting a niches website to target a specific area only.

These keywords have a very short life. They come suddenly and they disappear after a short period.

Some examples-

  • Apple New Mobiles
  • IPL Matches
  • Trending News
  • New Samsung store in Delhi
  • Apple Store in India
  • 15th August
Golden Keywords
Golden Keywords You Need To Know 2021 3

These keywords are trending keywords, people search these keywords when there is something happening around them and they don’t know about all. They come suddenly and they disappear after a short period.

05. Product-oriented keywords

These keywords around the specific products or brand. These keywords have searched those people who are very loyal to brands and they love those brands.

Some examples-

  • Apple New iPhone
  • Realme New phone
  • Samsung M30 Screen Grad
  • Adidas New Shoes
  • Adidas Shoes Price
  • Oneplus Special  Avengers Edtion Mobile Price
Golden Keywords
Golden Keywords You Need To Know 2021 4

06. Buyer Keywords

These keywords are the most important for bloggers, advertisers, and affiliate marketers. These keywords generate a sale.

Some examples-

  • Best Cheapest Hosting
  • Namecheap Promo Code
  • Newspapers theme review
  • iPhone 11 discount
  • GoDaddy .com Domain Coupon
Golden Keywords
Golden Keywords You Need To Know 2021 5

These keywords are golden keywords, with these keywords bloggers, advertisers, and affiliate marketers earn how much you can imagine. A Buyer always wants a discount on every product. Anyone search these keywords when they want to buy something.

These keywords are very near to the buying stage. You also search for these keywords when you want to buy something. if an affiliate marketer targets buying keywords they can earn how much you cant imagine.

I write this article after reading Kulwant nagi eBook “Golden Keywords Formula”


You can use the two most popular tools for keywords research ahrefs and semrush.

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