Google AdSense Mistakes

15 Google AdSense Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Using AdSense 2021

Are you using Google AdSense ads in your blog or website?

Is your AdSense account suspended?

if Yes,

Millions of bloggers using Google Adsense, there is Some Google Adsense mistakes I see bloggers there are many mistakes that people make regarding Google AdSense. So if you’re using AdSense, this article can give you suggestions on maintaining your account safe from getting banned.

Google AdSense Mistakes
15 Google AdSense Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Using AdSense 2021 1

AdSense is an excellent program for generating revenue for your website with little effort and maintenance and that why I want to tell you that’s mistakes to prevent your Adsense account from getting banned in 2021?

Google AdSense is an advertising program that allows you to run ads on your website and blog. Once AdSense approves a publisher, it’s pretty easy to set up ads on the website and generate passive income every month.

Although there are many Google Adsense alternatives to make money online. But Google AdSense is most popular.

or you are doing some Google AdSense Mistakes?

Let’s cover the Google Adsense Privacy and Policies to save your AdSense account from the ban/suspension.

Before we started to make sure you do not violate any of the Policies of AdSense. Otherwise, your Google Adsense account get banned anytime in coming days. Nowadays, it’s challenging to get back Adsense account in case got banned.

So, Save your Google Adsense account, Today. We are discussing 15AdSense mistakes that you all have to avoid.

These Google AdSense Mistakes You Need To Avoid

So, let dig into it.

1. Clicking On Own Ads

As a beginner, people think that the more clicks they get, the more their income. Clicking on your own ad is an invalid activity. Some Examples-

  • Clicking on their own ads
  • Asking their friends or colleagues to click on their ads
  • using software to click on ads
  • Use bots for click on ads

But But But AdSense AI system is ingenious and can easily determine all such invalid activities which clicks are natural and which are invalid.

This is a very common and most popular Google AdSense Mistakes 😂 to get your AdSense account banned!

So stop clicking on your own ads if you want to make passive income from AdSense. Read Program Policies.

2. AdSense On Pop-Ups

Publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on sites with more than three pop-ups to pop-ups to boost Earning. It is clearly mentioned in the Adsense policy if you do this then your AdSense account got banned!

3. Multiple Google AdSense Accounts

Google AdSense policies clearly say that one person/publisher only 1 Adsense Account. If you are caught with more, you will be banned, and not just both of the accounts will be banned by Google Adsense.

If you want to create multiple Google AdSense accounts, then use different Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Address on Every Adsense Account. Never create Adsense account on the same name.

4. Using AdSense On Unsupported Language Blog

There are a handful of languages supported by Google AdSense. Google AdSense supports a range of languages. If your web site displays content in one of the non-supporting languages.

If your website shows content related to one of the non-supported languages, Google will likely not approve your AdSense request.

5. Placing Ads On Pages

AdSense Doesn’t Encourage Ads On Certain Web Pages Of The Website, Such As:

  • Privacy policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Terms and condition
  • Contact page
  • Sitemap
  • 404 error
  • Blank page

So avoid putting ads on these pages. Only display ads on content pages Otherwise your account will be at risk.

6. Placing Too Many Ads

Some publishers place too many ads on your web pages to increase your AdSense earnings. Google clearly says that you should not at all place more than 3 ad units on a page. However, some publishers add even more than 3 ad units then you will get banned sooner!

7. Paid Advertising

If your website doesn’t attract organic traffic, and you are buying traffic for your sites, it’s not permitted according to AdSense Google Adsense mistakes. Paid traffic violation of AdSense TOS. Keep in mind that you may manipulate the Adsense system, which is a violation of AdSense Terms and conditions, and this can cause your account to ban.

8. Using Violated Content Type

If your blog niche or you are writing content on copyrighted items or promoting piracy or sharing pornographic content, then you may get Adsense warning and your account get banned anytime in coming days. So make sure what are doing.

  • Porn, adult material
  • Hacking and cracking content
  • Illegal content
  • Intellectual property abuse
  • Sexually explicit content
  • Child sexual abuse material and paedophilia
  • Derogatory content
  • Drug-related content
  • Gambling/Casino content
  • Violent content
  • Racial content
  • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
  • Pages selling Weapons and ammunition
  • Distribution of course work. Eg: Student Essays

Check out more details here.

Google is very strict about copyrighted content google mentioned it in their AdSense help page about copyright infringement.

You can’t publish copyrighted something on your blog without taking permission from the website owner. Adsense doesn’t allow putting Adsense on the site that distributes copyright stuff.

10. Sending Emails With Ads

Email marketing is very popular today people are driving a good amount of traffic to their blog or sales pages or affiliate page through emails only. Google AdSense is strict about where you’re showing your ads?

Your ad placement is also crucial and you need to take care of where you’re showing your Adsense ads. If Google finds it against the policy to send AdSense ad code embedded in an email. In case Google finds out that an impression is registered from an email, strict actions. its an another Google Adsense mistakes.

11. High CPC Keyword Stuffing

Simultaneously, stop keyword stuffing on your web pages with multiple keywords to increase your website organic traffic. its trick works in 2018 but still if you think you can stuff more then you are completely wrong and lose your account very soon.

Make sure your keyword density is between 1 to 3%. Read more about keyword density.

12. Altering The Adsense Code

Changing your AdSense code in any way is not permitted by Google. Google is very clear about the code alteration policy. The code modification strategy is very clear from Google.

Additionally, you should not modify ad code. The ads should also be named “Sponsored Links” or ‘Advertisements.’ Any other heading can lead to a deduction from Adsense net earnings.

13. Mislead With Visitors

Talking about user experience, its much matter. Stop misleading your website visitors. the number of ad units matters while using AdSense. If you place many ad units this will drastically affect the user experience. As a result, the user might start using adblocker.

Hence, publishers are advised to make it right by following the best practices. This is one of the biggest Google AdSense mistakes.

14. Click Farms or Bot Traffic

When we talk about AdSense, it is all about traffic. Bot traffic and invalid traffic is a big NO when running AdSense ads. Google uses AI machine learning to identify traffic. If google catch any suspicious activity then google restrict the publisher.

You can read this article to understand this point completely.

15. Not Reading AdSense Policies

AdSense has a strict policy. if you don’t like to read the policies is a very dangerous habit. It is always recommended for publishers to read and understand the terms of AdSense properly, before getting started. In case of any doubt, publishers can write an email to Google. I want to request you to read the latest AdSense policies.

Google AdSense Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few useful questions you might want to go through if you want to stay safe and prevent your AdSense account from getting banned in 2021 and beyond. I create Google Adsense mistakes peoples to apply just after a few posts. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for beginners. You can easily understand.

I cover almost every common question that a beginner wants to know in starting everything about Google Adsense.

  • Q. How do I protect AdSense from invalid clicks?

    There is no such full-proof way to protect your account from invalid clicks, but One way to protect your AdSense from invalid click is avoiding click bombing. Click bombing is the process of clicking on your ads more than the normal rate. You can follow some guidelines.

  • Q. Can I monetize multiple sites under a single AdSense account?

    Yes! AdSense allows you to add multiple sites in a single AdSense account.

  • Q. Is Google AdSense free?

    AdSense is a free program that gives you a fast and easy way to display relevant Google ads on your result pages.

  • Q. Is it hard to get AdSense approval?

    Getting approved for an AdSense account is not difficult provided that you meet the criteria explained above. But always remember NOT to violate any of their guidelines.

  • Q. How do I know if I’m eligible to join the AdSense network?

    Before applying for an account, make sure that the site you own has been active for at least six months, and complies with the AdSense program policies.
    Sign in to your AdSense account.
    Click Sites.
    Click Matched content. …
    On the “Matched content” page, check to see if your site is listed:

  • Q. How much traffic do you need for AdSense approval?

    There is no actual traffic minimum to apply to AdSense and be accepted. They don’t have minimum traffic thresholds you need to meet, like other ad networks.

  • Q. How does AdSense send you money?

    When your earnings reach the payment method selection threshold, Your revenue will be paid out once a month through a wire transfer to your bank account. To receive your payments, you’ll need to provide your bank account information in your AdSense account. you can select your form of payment.

  • Q. When should I apply for Google AdSense?

    it’s another common Google Adsense mistakes peoples to apply just after a few posts. Best time to apply for AdSense account is when you have at least 15-20 quality posts. Your blog posts length should be at least 600+ words with quality content.

  • Q. Do I need a bank account for AdSense?

    Yes, You need a bank account for Adsense to get Earned payment into your Bank account.

  • Q. Can I use someone else’s bank account for AdSense?

    You can, but you have to add the account holder as a payee in your account settings.

  • Q. How long does it take for AdSense ads to appear?

    The time it takes to get approved varies. It can be as quick as 24-48 hours but generally, it takes up to two weeks for approval.

  • Q. How do I know if my site is banned from AdSense?

    If your AdSense is disabled for any particular website, then you will get an email registered for that account.

  • Q. Is Google AdSense still profitable?

    Yes. Adsense is still highly profitable, and you can make money with it.
    In 2018 earnings from AdSense were $24.1 billion for Q3 only! Publishers receive 68% of the revenue and Google 32%.

  • Q. What are invalid clicks?

    Invalid traffic covers intentionally fraudulent traffic. Clicks on ads that Google considers to be illegitimate. Clicks or impressions generated by publishers clicking their own live ads.

  • Q. How do I stop getting banned from Google AdSense?

    Avoid copyright infringement, Invalid Traffic, Never show AdSense ads in pop-ups, emails or software, Stop using traffic bots, Never click your own ads, Don’t tweak your AdSense code and text, Stop having multiple Google AdSense accounts, Stop placing too many ads and don’t stuff your pages with keywords, Say no to plagiarism.

  • Q. How long does it take for AdSense ads to appear?

    it takes 24–48 hours on average for ads to start showing up on a blog/website after it has been approved by AdSense.


In this article, We have discussed some of the common AdSense mistakes made by publishers. Google always focuses on providing the best experience to its users.

Always keep in mind, AdSense is very strict for its policing. So, Crosschecked your activities and make sure you are following all Google Adsense terms and conditions (TOC) to secure your Google Adsense account.

if your AdSense account gets suspended, it’s not really the end of the world as there are so many other alternatives you can try.

These are a few of the common AdSense mistakes that most beginners do as they don’t have much knowledge initially. So, Create good quality content, bring organic traffic, and place Ads in necessary places. That’s the simple rule of working with Google Adsense.

I hope this article gives you the best knowledge about important and common google Adsense mistakes… So, if this article is helpful for you then you must share it with your friends and social media because sharing is caring.

And I will see you in the next one which will be beneficial for you.

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